One of your characters has found a astral seed and is attempting to build a plane.

To build the plane, you need blessings from the 11 deities.
Moradin’s hammer: Creation
Tome of Loun: Knowledge, Skill, And Prophecy
Cloak of The Raven Queen: Death
Avanandra’s pouch: Change, Freedom
Pin of Pelor: Sun, Summer, Time
Sehanine’s Pendant: Moon, Autumn, Thievery
Banner of Corellon: Spring, Beauty, Art
Melora’s Shell: Nature
Erathis’ Breastplate: Civilization
Blade of Kord: Storm, Battle
Bahamut’s shield: Justice, Protection, Nobility

Moridin’s Hammer: Restore a piece of the elemental chaos
Tome of Loun: Retrieve Tome from Library now controlled by cult of Vecna
Cloak of the Raven Queen: Destroy Orcus
Avandra’s Pouch: Free Sigil from Mind Flayers
Pin of Pelor: Bring light to a darkened city in the Shadowfell
Sehanine’s Pendant: Steal the Blood Vorpal Blade from an evil prince
Banner of Corellon: Destroy Lolth
Melora’s Shell: Kill ancient Red Dragon thats destroying feywild
Erathis’ Breastplate: Bring civilization to the uncivilized
Blade of Kord: Join a losing war and win
Bahamut’s Shield: prove innocence of lycanthropes and bring the real suspect to justice

To Build a Plane